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Have you been looking far and wide for some of the most reliable masonry services in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and Mississauga? For centuries, masonry has been relied upon as a strong and dependable way to construct buildings. With decades of experience in the industry, in cluding brick repair in Hamilton our team of skilled professionals guarantees results that you can rely on.

We use only the most advanced techniques and tools to make sure every job is done to perfection. With our dedication to customer satisfaction, you can trust that you’re getting top-notch service with each and every project.

Quality Masonry Services You Can Trust

At D’Angelo Brick Repair, we provide the highest quality masonry services for your property. It is truly a versatile process: think floors, fireplaces, walls, patios – you name it! Its applications are virtually endless.

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  • Professional Craftsmanship with Every Project

    With a passion for craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a commitment to quality materials, we always strive to deliver the very best in masonry services. Our team takes the time to understand your unique needs and develop a plan of action that is tailored to provide you with exceptional results. No matter what type of job you require us for—from brick repair or installation to stone masonry—you can count on us for professional craftsmanship every time.
  • Durable, Long-Lasting Results

    Our services are designed with longevity in mind so that your property will look its best for many years to come. We use superior building materials and pay close attention throughout each step of the process so that you get durable, long-lasting results every time. And since we stand by our work, it also comes accompanied by a full warranty so you can rest easy knowing your project is covered.
  • Restore Your Property to its Former Glory

    We know how important it is for properties like yours to maintain their classic charm and character over time. That’s why our experts are committed to restoring your property back into shape with quality repairs and installations that seamlessly blend in with existing materials—giving your exterior an eye-catching look once again!
  • Expert Advice on All Masonry Projects

    If you need advice from an expert about any upcoming or current masonry projects, then D'Angelo Brick Repair has got you covered! With decades of experience under our belts, we're well equipped to help guide you through all process stages—from choosing the right materials down until completion—to ensure optimal results in no time!
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    What Are The Benefits of Masonry in Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and Mississauga?

    Masonry is an art form that involves constructing structural elements with individual units. The pieces are carefully placed in the mortar and then firmly affixed together to ensure a strong bond. The term masonry can additionally be employed to refer to the building blocks themselves. Brick, natural stones such as granites, marble, and travertine; cast stone; glass block, and cinder block are all common components in masonry construction.

    What is masonry construction expected to achieve? Masonry construction offers an array of benefits that can’t be matched by other building materials. Its sturdiness and fire resistance make it a reliable option, while its soundproofing properties and superior thermal efficiency further add to the appeal. Not only is masonry strong, but you also have the freedom to create beautiful structures with unique aesthetics using masonry walls.

    With numerous advantages, masonry is a top pick in residential and commercial construction. If you’re interested in incorporating masonry tools into your upcoming project, get in touch with our experienced local masons now!

    Here are some of the top reasons why masonry is adored:

    1. Durability

    Brick wall masonry is an incredibly resilient material that can endure extreme weather conditions while resisting rotting, warping, or corrosion. Even high-impact events like hailstones and car crashes in parking lots won’t cause any damage to your masonry.

    2. Fire Resistance

    Masonry provides an added layer of security for your home and belongings, as it is fireproof and non-combustible. Your investment in masonry also safeguards you from potential property damage due to its inherent fire resistance capabilities. In other words, your valuables are safe with masonry.

    3. Termite Resistance

    Masonry is an excellent choice for those inhabiting areas susceptible to termites and other wood-eating insects, as it successfully stands up against them with its immense resilience. As masonry consists of materials that aren’t organic in nature, these bugs cannot feed off it and will eventually die out when they come into contact with this material.

    4. Structural Integrity

    Masonry is an endlessly preferred construction material, cherished across the globe for its strength and aesthetic. Constructed of connecting bricks, stones, or concrete blocks bonded with mortar; walls, floors, and other structural elements are built with masonry that has stood the test of time throughout history.

    5. Flexibility

    Masonry is a flexible and reliable material that can be utilized for numerous applications. From constructing interior and exterior walls to producing outdoor fire pits, flooring systems, fireplace surrounds, or roof supports – various masonry types have been employed extensively in commercial and residential construction projects with impressive results.

    6. Better Insulated (R Values)

    Masonry walls are far more insulated than wood frame walls due to their thicker composition, an 8” CMU wall offers maximum insulation benefits by providing an R-value of 1.5 per inch in comparison with the 0.6 offered by stud walls.

    Masonry walls are thus 2 1/2 times more efficient at blocking heat flow than stud walls. Not only that, they possess the unique property of thermal massing which helps regulate temperature swings resulting from outside climate change.

    When compared to mass-masonry walls, metal walls are significantly more resistant to temperature fluctuations. As a result of this increased robustness, the interior climate remains consistent throughout – leading to reduced heating and cooling costs.

    7. Design Flexibility

    Masonry provides a vast array of creative possibilities. From walls and floors to patios – masonry has been proven over the years as one of the most reliable materials for construction.

    8. Environmentally Safe

    Crafted from clay, sand, and water, masonry is eco-friendly and does not release toxic gases or leach chemicals into the soil or groundwater. Pre-finished masonry units such as Ultra Burnished and colored Fullface split blocks provide a durable, long-lasting product and can enhance the safety and health of your building’s occupants with additional benefits.

    9. Transmission of Sound is Less

    Masonry walls are adept at both absorbing and transmitting sound due to their heft. Walls constructed with house bricks boast a greater mass than those fashioned from wooden frames, making them ideal acoustic barriers that can reduce the transmission of noise effectively.

    Unwanted noise can be an unwelcome distraction, whether in the workplace or your own abode. Utilizing masonry is a fantastic way to reduce sound and help you focus on what matters most.

    10. Discount on Your Initial And Life-Cycle Fees

    Utilizing concrete masonry is the perfect way to finish any project – in one go. Not only will it never rust, fade or crack due to weather conditions; but also you can wave goodbye to maintenance and repainting.

    11. Low Rates of Insurance

    Masonry has a remarkable advantage over other materials when it comes to insurance rates; masonry is almost completely non-combustible. Not only does this lower construction costs, but it also offers unbeatable protection against fire, break-ins, and all sorts of damages that can occur in any building or home.

    12. Better Resale Value

    When it comes to durability and aesthetic, you’ll find masonry building is undeniably superior. From solid block to classic stone-rubble, burnt clay brick, lightweight concrete blocks (AAC), or gabion units – the options available for building with masonry materials are vast; giving you plenty of choices when it comes time to select the construction material best suited for your project.

    Experience the Beauty of Brick and Stone Masonry

    High-quality craftsmanship should be celebrated. From the intricate details of custom designs to the timeless elegance of stone masonry, our team can create beautiful landscapes around your property. With decades of experience in the industry, our skilled technicians can bring your visions to life with exceptional skill and attention to detail. Experience the beauty of brick and stone masonry today!

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